32643750147_8fe30a8415_zPast Wednesday, founder of argentine Catholics for Choice organization and the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, safe and free abortion, Marta Alanis, received the Joan B. Dunlop award, granted by the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC).

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 09.10.41 (1)The IWHC Annual Gala took place in New York, where Marta emphasized: “I’m profoundly moved, and this award represents to me both a great honor and immense responsibility. Joan Dunlop’s name must be honored, as she was a woman activist for the health and reproductive rights of all women that impacted globally and contributed to my country in a significant way.” She continued: “my activism for the same causes that Joan believed in has had the vision of building alongside other women, empowering the women’s movement and favoring the emergence of new organizations that strengthened feminism.”

In her speech, Alanis recognized that meanwhile the award is personal, she considers that “the greatest achievement, with which we impact regionally and globally, has without a doubt been the Green Wave demanding legal, safe and free abortions” and then highlighted: “that accomplishment was due to the creativity of numerous members of the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion. Amongst them, the thousands young girls that 47533351272_185bb6c5bf_zsuddenly irrupted and took the green scarf as an identity symbol. In this campaign we’ve had huge protagonism in its Articulation and Lobbying commission, beside a national leadership.”

“In spite of living in a crisis-filled world, feminism arises as hope to both humanity and politics.”, said Marta to whom were present at the ceremony that took place in the Mandarin Oriental Center, NY. To close, she stated: “Thank you once again for this recognition. It will be law!”

On behalf of Catholics for Choice we want to thank The International Women’s Health Coalition, not only for this acknowledgment, but also for the constant support to the women and organizations that promote policies development in the government’s agenda.

We share with you Marta’s full speech.